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Here's a lil' screenshot of the short I got to be in opposite Charlie Jhaye and directed by Matt Zanfagna. Find the clip in my Media!

CALLBACK CORNER: January has been a big month! So far I've been pinned for a commercial, a SAG film, and a national print campaign 🙌🏻

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Starting a new acting class with The Ken Studio 🙌🏻


SO excited to share my new headshots. Taken by the amazing Nile Scott of Nile Scott Studios. 

✨Recording at Gramercy Post for an exciting new Kidoodle project! Details coming soon!✨

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Come see me as Sienti in BodySleuth -
A Queer, Virtual, Immersive Theatre Experience.

Story Snacks 

New Kidoodle Announcer Spots!


Photoshoot for 'We Should All Be Millionaires' by Rachel Rodgers 
and the Hello Seven website 💅🏻

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